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10 August 2020 @ 10:07 pm
I realized that I'm hitting that little "friends only" button more and more on this thing, so let's make it official, shall we?

There's the occasional random public post, but 99% of the art, and all of the important RL stuff is locked.  If you're not already on the f-list, and you want to be, comment or let me know somehow--if we know each other from somewhere, I'll most likely add you back :) 
25 January 2020 @ 03:36 pm
I forgot how much I loooooove drawing, but need someone/something to kick my butt so that I keep going... so when lirren mentioned fic-tac-toe... yeah :D

Great Impact Killer
Wrap Minor Belt
Flowing Exhausted Ocean

I claim 'Ocean'! *scurries off to work*

And, I'm going to experiment a bit... most of the reasons I locked down my journal so much..well, no longer to see how posting R and under art publicly goes...
10 June 2013 @ 11:46 pm
Long time no see, been busy :)  I had to come here to see what was up with Teen Wolf S3 reactions, though--not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  It's weird watching as it unfolds, since I watched the first two seasons all in one go.  They've got some neat things going on, but also some weiiiiird stuff.
While the opening scene had me worried for Issac (LOVE him so far this season), the twins two-become-one-big-ugly-ass-alpha was just laughable.  Tonight's episode just kept the mystery unfolding--very curious what happened to Heather, and what's up with all the more magical supernatural stuff happening this episode--the wine bottles and window with Heather, and then the lights and storm when they were trying to jog Issac's memories.  I'm liking the amateur-detective bits, and Scott's new focus.  Stiles continues to be awesome.  Allison is intriguing me, and I'm also very interested to see what Lydia's story arc ends up being, especially with her screaming at the end there.  Ms. Morell continues to keep me guessing and OMG, I was wondering if they'd bring back a family member for Derek.  VERY interested to see what happens with his sister--I hope it doesn't lead him to more heartbreak :(
08 December 2012 @ 10:26 pm
Okay, so yes, I've nose-dived into Teen Wolf fandom... and I've kinda been absolutely devouring fic on AO3 for awhile now....

The fic I randomly found today (I love filters) is AMAZING.  It takes place nearly 9 years in the future, and is just... guh, I have no words guys!!

The characterizations are WONDERFUL and such a well-done aging and maturing of the canon.  It has a Stiles who left for 5 years after some serious shit went down, and is coming back for pretty much the first time since.  It has that awesome Stiles/Sheriff relationship.  It has a Derek who's gotten over many of his issues and is kind of adorable.  It has scenting.  It has a supernatural crisis.  It has an AMAZINGLY well-done out-of-left-field job for Stiles.  It has flashbacks that add so much to the character development and are just perfect.  It has some fantabulous world-building.  It has the whole gang in such recognizeable, well-developed ways (Guys!!!  Lydia's AWESOME, OMG!!!  Erica's Even Better!!  Allison is KICK-ASS **AND** married to Scott, who's awesome-season-2 Scott all growed up and a vet!!)

Ah-hem.  So, yes, if you like Stiles-centric, and don't mind Sterek, and like long, plotty fics (78578 words.  And I was sad when it ended.  SAD but SATISFIED)  Run, don't walk (or y'know, click really, REALLY fast):

Just Act Normal  by zosofi
some fairly typically-canon-level violence

Author's summary:
If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right.

Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward.

My summary: 
It's awesome, go do yourself a favor and read it. 
What are you waiting for?

05 December 2012 @ 12:26 am
So, I felt like drawing tonight, and what better to draw than my new fandom... and since Dylan O'Brien  had an absolutely *adorable* nose, I chose a fun picture of him in Stiles-esque clothing :)  The lighting's really nifty on this one....

art-in-progress hereCollapse )
So, no-one else may be interested in this, but I have been asked a couple times about my process, and gotten some "..." in reference to my first sketches when I've collaborated (I always take those as, "but I've seen your other work, and it looks NOTHING like this" dot-dot-dots ;) ), so, since I had about a million and a half in-progress shots, I thought I'd do some DVD Extras :D 

Way too much info, this way!Collapse )

Title: Should My Sword Fall From My Hand
Author: nympha_alba
Artist: amythystluna
Story Pairings: Merlin/Arthur. Mention of Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Freya, Leon/Morgana
Art Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Story Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Art Rating: PG... maaaaaybe PG-13
Warnings: Angst, minor character death, major character death (temporary/reincarnation), non-linear time line
Summary: When King Arthur is hit by a vicious curse, the only one who can save him is Merlin - at the cost of revealing his magic. In London in 2012, Merlin is called in to help when his workmate Arthur has been attacked. The two worlds are not as separate as they seem, and one lifetime might not be enough for Arthur and Merlin to find just how closely entwined their destinies were meant to be.
Author's notes: At the story master post.
Artist's notes: Below.
Story link: Read on LJ
Read on AO3
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made

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06 August 2012 @ 01:21 pm
<3  I hope you have a fabulous day bbdoll!! <333 
16 May 2012 @ 12:07 am
So I have an AO3 now.  Just put Your Arms Feel Like Home up, 'cause I was playing around seeing what posting was like.

Maybe this'll get me to do a masterlist, LOL. 
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25 April 2012 @ 12:18 am
Title: Kiss Me Slowly
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: do song lyrics count?
A/N: I'm kinda adoring Parachute's "Kiss Me Slowly" and I wanted to draw a "break" doodle from all the Merlin time-consuming art that shall be revealed later :)  So instead of song fic, have song art :D